July 8, 2014

on the road

Above: moodboard I put together as a reference for a shoot for Kinobi. 
Images from Pinterest

It's been seven months since I returned to my hometown and never has time flown more for me than it has this year. The whirlwind of living overseas, travelling and then making the transition back has been pretty intense and somewhat chaotic. There have been a lot of false starts and ups and downs. A lot of saying yes when I should have said no. A lot of staring into the dark contemplating what I want and need and figuring out how to go about doing that, and then letting go of too much planning because by now I know there is only so much I can control. A lot of reading fairly cringe-worthy inspirational articles, blog posts, mantras, quotes and youtube videos about creativity, work, business (and something about core desires and fire starting and big hearts) - because while it's embarassing to admit, they are helpful and motivating when the self-doubt creeps in. And as far as I can tell self-help and soul searching is pretty trendy these days, so maybe this is actually all just a little bit cool, and not so embarassing after all?

Since my last post I've gotten married (which was a blast), seriously thought about buying a house, then after much indecision decided not to buy a house and rent instead (because while we are decided on each other, we still have itchy feet when it comes to where to live. and on a side to this side note I promise the 'we' is not a newlywed-ism I intend to use often), started and completed a small business course (which was a ballbreaker, but essential nuts-and-bolts knowledge), been on a roadtrip/belated honeymoon to the Blue Mountains (which was beautiful, restful and just what I needed) and begun working on my own little project called Kinobi (which is launching next month - more on this in the weeks to come). 

In between the above, I've met some great new people, including making connections with a few internet friends who are now real-life chums. Meeting new people and catching up with old friends, sharing both the deep and meaningful and the cheap and cheerful, has smoothed the rocky road that has paved 2014 so far. Where this road is going is anyone's guess and I've given up trying to see the destination. It's time to enjoy the ride. And to follow the advice of the great Jim Carey, and to realise "you can fail at what you don't want, so you may as well take a chance at doing what you love". Told you, I'm all over the motivational quotes. If you need a spirit guide, you know where to find me. 

February 27, 2014

the light

I haven't been following fashion week very closely, but Christophe Lemaire's AW 2014 collection caught my attention on Maryam Nassir Zadeh's instagram last night and made me sit up and take notice. The shapes, the shades, the movement - it was all sublime and exactly what I would love to be wearing right now as the weather starts to get colder in Melbourne.

This morning I went onto Style.com to take a closer look. It is a collection of structured, oversized outerwear, soft cosy knits wrapped and tucked and tied around the neck, long skirts and dresses cinched at the waist. Camel, ivory, taupe, the palest of pinks, the deepest of greens and navy, charcoal - all finished off with heavy black boots. There are nods to the power dressing of the 80s and the tailored minimalism of the 90s, these are clothes that are strong, functional, elegant, but above all they are for now. These clothes are for women who get things done and look good doing it.

Lemaire manages to create collections that are aspirational, polished and effortless all at once. The kind of clothes you hope to wear when you grow up, and live in Paris. They have a lightness about them, without being flimsy or frivolous. They are beautiful and considered, without being fussy.

It's all about that slightly oversized silhouette, the combination of tailored and slouchy, the beautiful fabrics, the muted tones. I'll be keeping these outfits in mind when I get dressed in winter, pulling out some wide-leg cropped trousers, Cos cashmere knits, my mum's old oversized tan trench, searching for a secondhand washed out silk shirt or two and maybe swapping the boots for some New Balance because, let's be honest, I'm not quite grown up enough for those yet.

February 12, 2014

the hunt

Some interiors inspiration: Marble and plywood kitchen - a mysterious tumblr image found on pinterest, lovely kitchen via Las Cositas de Beach & Eau, loft bed via Sulia, it is all about white and green - another great kitchen via this blog, House Komazawa Park by studio Mico via This is Paper (deserves a post of its own, it is so incredible - check it out in full!), couch from Truck, a plant filled loft in Brooklyn via Design Sponge, beautiful kitchen shelving in the home of Simone and Rhys Haag via The Design Files (also worth checking out the feature in full).

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm house hunting at the moment. It is fun so far because it is still all play. We are yet to get into the nitty gritty of making offers or bidding at auctions, that is, making an actual decision. For now we are really just researching, 'getting a feel for the market' as they say, and playing grown-ups by going to viewings, meeting with mortgage brokers and looking at contracts of sale very intently as if we understand them.

We are currently dreamers and it is a nice phase to be in. It's like that period at the start of any project or new idea, when anything and everything is possible. It's that initial, vital, brainstorming phase fuelled by enthusiasm and energy. It's the part where you silence practicalities and potential issues for a moment and imagine the ideal, imagine the best thing ever.

We are still very much in that stage and I'm trying to relish the novelty of it all as I sense reality is looming. There will be a shift soon I'm sure, a time when we must face the facts, make up our minds, cross our hearts and then go for a potential new home knowing fully well we will probably not get it, or the one after that, or the one after that either. We will fall in love and realise she was out of our league from the start, and then rebound, and then have a fling, and then fall in love again and hope that the one we end up with is the real deal.

After renting many, many different houses in London (I think we moved four times in three years..) I know this cycle all too well, but this time it is different because it is just so much more permanent. But with all that said, being able to even think about buying a place is a huge privilege and I'm eternally grateful that I come from a city that has a high standard of living, where it is possible to even consider owning a home, even if it ends up being the size of a car parking space and even if it doesn't work out.

Because once it is all said and done, once we step through that front door it is all ours. Regardless of if it has high ceilings, polished floors and huge windows, even if it is a small box with ugly carpet and loud neighbours. Whatever it comes with or without, it will be ours.

February 7, 2014


Lately I have been:

Admiring the beautiful Cecile Daladier ceramics from Mr. Kitly

House hunting, and with that comes 'dream house' hunting. Top of my accommodation wish list is a bothy, particularly one from The Bothy Project

Window Shopping. Clothing wise, at the moment I'm looking for things that are comfortable and functional, more so than ever. My daily life currently revolves around teaching yoga and pilates, volunteering in the kitchen at a not-for-profit restaurant, house hunting, working on some events/food projects and the odd bit of wedding prep. I don't need any clothes, but if I was to splurge I would look to Topshop who have lots of nice new things (as always), Eytys sneakers which are top of my wishlist and a top/shorts set from Cecilie CopenhagenZara also have some amazing simple black sandals that I hope I can track down in Melbourne - although they do look really similar to my current sandals that I have on heavy rotation, but once I find something I like I tend to stick with it.

Reading through the archive of Zen Habits. I've decided this year is all about finding, and maintaining, a sense of calm. That means less overanalysing, less worrying, less stress, less using adrenaline to get through the day, less judging (of others and myself), less complaining. It also means more focus, more breathing, more assertiveness, more silence, more action, more acceptance. The articles on Zen Habits cover a range of topics all with the aim of bringing more inner peace (as corny as that sounds) and balance into your life, and who doesn't need some of that?

January 21, 2014


Collage made with:
Artist Zaria Forman at work 
Linen beach blankets
Pablo Picasso in minotaur mask, Côte d’Azur, 1949 via Creatures of Comfort
A beautiful vintage Sonia Rykiel dress from Where I Was From
Background image of a boat on the ocean from MNZ blog

This week I've also been listening to Hamish Macrae's new album, in particular the single Follow Me which you can here on Sound Cloud here 

January 16, 2014


- ways to beat the heat, and the realities of summer in Melbourne.

DREAM: Lounge around inside with AC on full blast wearing Per-Tim's silk digital print kimono and napping on beautiful hand-painted bedding by Ana Kras + Devendra Banhart for Villa Lena
REALITY: Power surge has cut the AC out, hose yourself down in the backyard or stand in a bucket of ice. Wear the lightest garments possible, most likely old saggy t-shirts and boxer shorts. Better yet become a nudist.

DREAM: Take a dip in the ocean like Bambi, who celebrated at her post-wedding beach part with a surf, via Russh. Wear a floral crown too, because why wouldn't you. 
REALITY: The ocean is too far, your car has broken down, as has public transport. Try to escape to a water hole or a local pool. If you find yourself squeezed in like a sardine with your nose in a stranger's armpit, retreat home and revert back to that bucket of ice.

DREAM: Be comfy and look cool at the same time with some sporty striped shorts and a light sweatshirt from La Garconne and slide sandals from ASOS
REALITY: All clothes feel suffocating and nothing looks good drenched in sweat. Lower the standards of what you consider to be acceptable for public wear. Saggy tees and daggy boxers never sounded so appealing.

DREAM: Eat banquets of fresh tropical fruits daily, with frozen grapes and oranges thrown in for good measure, and decorate your home with golden pineapples as a homage to the season.
REALITY: Fruit is out of your price range and the grocery store is way too far. Suck on some ice cubes instead, preferably not ones from your foot ice bucket. Wish your ice was as pretty as these floral ones from Another Mag, but also realise nothing else matters at this point except feeling cold. 

REALITY: Accept that heatwaves are never as much fun as they sound, but that despite everything you will be dreaming of these days when you are freezing in a few months so try to embrace the sweat and enjoy the long days and hot nights. 

January 14, 2014

thursday sunday AW14

Sources for background images: top, middle, bottom

Thursday Sunday's AW14 collection is all kinds of amazing. I made a few collages inspired by their excellent lookbook, shot by Elizabeth Smart, for their Collage Comp on Instagram. Details can be found on their instagram here if you want to enter too.